Methenolone Enanthate (Primobolan Depot)

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Buy Methenolone Enanthate (Primobolan Depot) is an anabolic steroid exhibiting increasingly anabolic properties than androgenic. Primobolan Depot for sale also available in pills, but their effect is much weaker than the injectable version. The main feature that distinguishes it from other steroids, is the low degree of aromatases, that is, the conversion of testosterone to estrogen almost never happens. This means that some of the side effects such as acne and swelling, is not observed. Because of the weaker water retention in the body Primobolan Depot it helps to build lean muscle mass.

The only drawback of Methenolone Enanthate is a relatively low rate of muscle mass gain, a full cycle, need more than 8 weeks. However, muscle mass is retained much longer after the cessation of steroid use. And yet, despite the small number of side effects, post cycle therapy is also required. At the end of the cycle of taking Primobolan Depot it is recommended to take Clomid or Nolvadex.

By itself, the drug is Primobolan Depot is included in the category of qualitative steroids. So taking it in a dosage of 400 mg per week is almost certainly not justified itself. Generally the steroids according to the principle “the more, the better” is not always justified, after all, significantly increases the negative impact of side effects, and hyperparasite mass anymore. However, in the case of Primobolan Depot the situation is quite different: here the more the better. The active steroid combined with Testosterone Enanthate, a dosage of 400-800 mg is considered the most optimal. In this case, Methenolone Enanthate will have a double action:

  • huge gains in muscle mass (500 mg Primobolan Depot + 750 mg Testosterone Enanthate per week)
  • a great combination with diet

How to Cycle Primobolan Depot Dosage?

Recommended dosage without combining with Testosterone Enanthate is 600-800 mg per week, however, if you can increase the dose to 1000 mg, the result will be much better. According to many athletes who use anabolic steroids, the optimal cycle period of the reception Primobolan Depot for sale is 12 weeks. After a 12-week cycle of admission Methenolone Enanthate another 5-6 weeks takes place during cleavage and processing in the body, so the actual validity period is quite long. The maximum duration of a cycle of taking Primobolan Depot is 20 weeks.

Consider the reception cycle of Primobolan Depot:

1. Cycle without supplementation Testosterone Enanthate

  • 600-800 mg during the period 1-12 week + Oxandrolone 60 mg during the period 1-8 week
  • 600-800 mg during the period 1-12 week + Trenbolone Acetate 75 mg during the period 1-6 week
  • 800 mg in period 1 -12 week + Masteron 400-600 mg per week period of 1-14
  • 1000 mg for 20 weeks

2. Cycle with the additional administration of Testosterone Enanthate

  • 600 mg during 1 to 12 week + 500 mg of Testosterone Enanthate 1 to 12 a week
  • 600 mg during 1 to 12 week + Testosterone Enanthate 100 mg from 1 to 14 week + Trenbolone Acetate 300-400 mg for 1 to 10 a week.

There are also other reception cycle of Primobolan Depot. In General, the amount of the drug that you will include in a cycle, entirely dependent on how much you are willing to buy it.

We strongly recommend to refrain from using any chemical products for building muscle. Without exception, all anabolic steroids have a serious damaging effect on the athlete’s body, in addition, these drugs are prohibited by law. Don’t go the way of wimps and losers! Remember that in bodybuilding there are only 2 ways: either you sway with steroids or without them. Conventions do not exist. One day after starting the steroids, your result will depend only on them!

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