Oxydrolone Alpha Pharma (Oxymetholone 50mg)

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Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Substance: Oxymetholone
Package: 50mg (50 pills)

Oxydrolone Alpha Pharma (Oxymetholone) is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids, endowed with extremely high anabolic activity with a fairly reduced level of androgens. The formula of Anadrol contains a molecular bond of the active substance Oxymetholone, which, due to its properties, leads to a number of positive effects, such as a large increase in muscle mass in the shortest possible time, an increase in the indicators of strength development, endurance. In addition, an important factor is the beneficial effect of Oxydrolone Alpha Pharma on the joints, namely pain relief, activation of the synthesis of blood, hemoglobin and erythropoietin.

Nowadays Oxymetholone is widely used worldwide in various sports disciplines and is often included in steroid cycles for muscle building, due to its high efficiency. Many experts around the world put forward this steroid as the strongest anabolic agent for muscle growth, but do not forget that along with the high level of action also increases the toxicity of the steroid, it is important to know about the rules of use of Oxydrolone Alpha Pharma, so as not to put yourself at risk of side effects.

Oxydrolone Alpha Pharma Effects

The molecule of the active ingredient is an unusual modification of dihydrotestosterone. In the absence of aromatase and estrogen activity, the drug has progestogenic activity and affects the appropriate receptors.

Oxydrolone Alpha Pharma is the best remedy in terms of anabolic activity. For two weeks in the beginning of the cycle, the process of action of substances in the body leads to weight gain of 5-7 kg. Significantly improves the condition of joints, and the development of strength and endurance.

Oxymetholone cycle is best for professional athletes over 21 years old who have already gone through many cycles and know what their body’s response to anabolic steroids is. For beginners, it will be more advisable to choose weaker drugs. The duration of Oxydrolone Alpha Pharma is six weeks. The optimal dosage for men weighing up to 100 kg is 50-100 mg per day. 150 mg is an extreme dose and is suitable for athletes weighing more than 100 kg. Higher doses do not improve the effect, but significantly increase the risk of side effects.

It is important to note that the phenomenon of rollback of this drug is quite high, Oxydrolone Alpha Pharma is able to retain liquid in tissues, which will unconditionally leave after discontinuation of steroid intake.

Oxymetholone is much better in combination with other anabolic steroids, but it should be noted that to reduce the load on the liver, the drug is not desirable to take with steroids with 17-alpha-alkyl group. Therefore, steroids such as Dianabol or Winstrol should not be combined with Oxydrolone Alpha Pharma.

Oxydrolone Alpha Pharma Side Effects

Due to a variety of research and study of Oxydrolone Alpha Pharma reviews from consumers, several major side effects have been identified in consequence of taking Oxymetholone.

  • Hepatotoxicity. The most important side effect in connection with which it is recommended during the cycle to take Carsil, to normalize the condition and work of your liver.
  • Due to progestin activity. Gynecomastia, increased blood pressure, accumulation of water in the body. It is recommended to take anti-estrogens and prolactin blockers.
  • Sometimes it can cause diarrhea, worsen appetite, provoke mild nausea.
  • As with all anabolic steroids, Oxandrolone Alpha Pharma is able to inhibit the synthesis of natural testosterone, which can also adversely affect the weight loss after the cycle. Preferably use Tribulus or HCG during and after the cycle.