Enantat 400 Dragon Pharma (Testosterone Enanthate 400mg)

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Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Substance: Testosterone Enanthate
Package: 400mg/ml (10 ml)

For those who want to quickly achieve the desired bodybuilding, an excellent assistant will be a drug based on Testosterone Enanthate – we are talking about Enantat 400 Dragon Pharma from the manufacturer Pharmacom Labs.

It is a drug that is an analogue of natural testosterone. It is used by athletes to increase strength and to achieve rapid muscle growth.

Basic properties of Enantat 400 Dragon Pharma Pharmacom Labs:

1. In patients receiving Testosterone Enanthate 300mg, buy you can always get in a specialty store, there is an impressive increase in muscle mass. Due to this effect, the main among all, the tool is used in power sports without weight categories and doping control. If you want to build muscle mass in the shortest possible time, you are not going to take part in competitions, Enantat 400 Dragon Pharma Pharmacom Labs will be the best choice.

2. Taking Testosterone Enanthate 300mg, the price of which in the store is quite acceptable, it is possible to achieve high performance in increasing muscle strength.

3. One of the effects is a pump.

4. The drug delays the liquid. Due to estrogenic effects and sodium retention in patients receiving Enantat 400 Dragon Pharma, supply is growing at a rapid pace.

5. Regenerative processes are increasing.

6. Increases mood, improves the General condition, I want to train more and more active, more productive.

How To Use Enantat 400 Dragon Pharma Pharmacom Labs (Testosterone Enanthate 400mg)

Dosage Testosterone Enanthate 300mg, reviews of which are the most positive, for males is from 500 mg to 1250 mg per week. The duration of the cycle lasts from 8 to 20 weeks. It all depends on what the purpose of the athlete.

As for the dosage of Enantat 400 Dragon Pharma, the recommended values are 300 mg per week.

Most often, this drug is used in combination with Clomid and Nolvadex. If you are taking Testosterone Enanthate 300mg, the cycle may include HCG. For 3-4 weeks it is possible to restore the pituitary gland and testicular function at a rapid pace, quite effectively.

Enantat 400 Dragon Pharma Pharmacom Labs is a long – acting steroid, so it can be ground less often-just once a week. Detection of the drug-up to three months after you finish the cycle.

Even in large doses, 2000 mg a week, there are no side effects. In addition, it restores the hormonal system after it was completed rather quickly, successfully

Enantat 400 Dragon Pharma Pharmacom Labs (Testosterone Enanthate 400mg) Post Cycle Therapy

A large part Testosterone Enanthate is removed from the blood very quickly – literally within 3-4 days. Already later 3-5 days after the last injection it is possible to begin Post Cycle Therapy. If we talk about the solo cycle, we need drugs such as Anastrozole and Clomiphene. Instead, Clomiphene is quite suitable Tamoxifen.

The duration of Post Cycle Therapy usually lasts no more than two weeks. On combined PCT cycles, you can start later, based on the constituents of the drugs in the cycle.