D Bol 10 Magnum (Methandienone 10mg)

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Substance: Methandienone
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D Bol 10 Magnum is a steroid whose main action is built on the active substance Methandienone. It is a modification of testosterone, in which the emphasis was placed on reducing the androgenic properties and increasing anabolic activity. D Bol 10 Magnum acts on the processes of protein synthesis, increasing muscle mass and improving its structure, modifies the strength and efficiency in training, increases appetite and strengthens bone structure. It is a very powerful anabolic drug that is easily aromatized and has high toxicity to the liver. Androgenic properties Methandienone is lower by half, and anabolic – two times above that of testosterone.

The substance has been known since 1956 and was used to accelerate the recovery of tissues after burns, increase the overall tone in women. The athletes appreciated the anabolic effect only after half a century. Especially to taste Dianabol fell bodybuilders and powerlifters. To date, the active substance Methandienone is part of a number of drugs used both by injection and orally. Often athletes reduce the name of all these means to the ordinary Dbol. The drug directly affects the processes of protein synthesis in the body, which causes an explosive set of muscle mass in a short time. It is also associated with the stimulation of calcium production, which begins in large quantities to enter the bone tissue, strengthening the spine and musculoskeletal system. D Bol 10 Magnum promotes improved metabolism of a number of substances (phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, sodium) in the body and changes in blood composition, due to increased levels of erythropoietin.

D Bol 10 Magnum Features of Application

Methandienone is most rapidly absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract by binding to globulin. In the liver, the active substance is not destroyed, interacting with cell receptors. D Bol 10 Magnum will be useful for gaining muscle mass for both beginners and experienced athletes – a set of raw weight up to 10 kilograms per one cycle of intake is guaranteed. By following some rules that will help to reduce the harm from toxicity and accumulation of water in the tissues. The side effects of D Bol 10 Magnum disappear after the cycle has stopped and natural testosterone has been restored. The important thing is to complete the cycle by receiving antiestrogens not to damage their health seriously. To minimize side effects, the key indicator is the correct dosage, intensity of intake and cycle duration.

The most common side effect of D Bol 10 Magnum is acne, high blood pressure and gynecomastia. If the dosage is exceeded, the internal production of natural testosterone can be reduced, which leads to the destruction of the liver. For athletes, the dosage is 10-50 milligrams per day, with a cycle of 6-8 weeks. The daily dose is divided into 2-3 doses. This approach will ensure maximum efficiency with minimal side effects.

D Bol 10 Magnum Reviews

Buying D Bol 10 Magnum you get at your disposal a powerful steroid that requires a competent and careful approach to its use. Remember, that violation of dosages, as well as incorrectly drawn up cycle can cause serious side effects up to the destruction of the liver. Compliance with precautions, as well as recommendations for the reception will help you to achieve the best result as soon as possible, avoiding untidy consequences for your body. This drug can be used both individually on a cycle and in combination with other steroids to achieve maximum results.


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